Alex Rodriguez is the most dapper real estate expenditure adviser on earth Earth – (push release) (blog)

In his retirement, Alex Rodriguez has worn a lot of hats — tv star, broadcast analyst, small business magnate, arcade aficionado. As A-Rod Corp expands, so as well do the responsibilities of its CEO. Which is why Rodriguez tweeted out the adhering to image on Friday, wanting stately and entrepreneurial at a CNBC desk as he prepares to dole out some no-doubt indispensable real estate expenditure tips:

The column A-Rod inbound links to is a recap of his communicate at the National Multifamily Housing Conference in Orlando, Fla. very last month, and characteristics these kinds of nuggets as “it all boils down to a straightforward formulation: acquire, correct, and provide” and “wherever capital exceeds provide, glance at the sub-markets for far better lengthy-term value.” We are not sure what that signifies, but it seems amazing.