Do Character Assessments Perform? At times.

@maialisa, 2016.

@maialisa, 2016.

I have usually been skeptical of identity assessments. Soon after getting the DISC twice—once getting a D/C and extra not too long ago getting a high, virtually even I/D—I located that equally final results matched my identity on some ranges and conflicted on some others. This is wherever my skepticism occur in. There’s truth in assessments to varying levels.

Regardless of whether or not you are searching into assessments for personal insight or to use as a resource for selecting, it is crucial to uncover the suitable a person for you. Lately, I wrote a piece for REALTOR® Journal on EQ vs. IQ, which examines the strategy of psychological intelligence and how it relates to doing work with shoppers. I interviewed specialists in the field who presented actionable guidelines for getting in contact with your EQ and applying it to your position in real estate. The report is divided into a few parts, and in the very last section—which is specific at broker-homeowners or selecting managers—I dive into how to recruit high-EQ candidates.

As portion of my investigation, I took Keller Williams Realty’s Keller Character Assessment (KPA), which I located to be the most exact and enlightening evaluation I have professional to day. It encapsulated so quite a few idiosyncrasies of my identity that it was astonishing. But I should not be shocked due to the fact their small business design is all about developing teams that operate well jointly. What greater way to get a window into a person’s genuine self than by asking them to acquire an evaluation to learn how they’ll match in with your team? The key term in that query is “window.”

Regardless of whether you are employing DISC, a brokerage resource like KW’s KPA, or one more examination, these kinds of as the Caliper Profile, seem at it as a person piece of the puzzle (e.g. do not put all your eggs in a person basket). You still have to have to make guaranteed you are recruiting the suitable man or woman or creating a superior employ. In this article are some takeaways following getting the KPA:

Know what you are evaluating. Employing someone just since you like them or you “click” isn’t usually a superior concept. Seriously take into account the skillset the position demands before administering the evaluation. Know what you are searching for and have a checklist. Make guaranteed you are judging candidates not only on their strengths but how individuals strengths may serve as both professionals or drawbacks in a unique placement.

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Fully grasp that an evaluation may not tell the complete story. Some candidates can overthink their responses when getting an evaluation, which may possibly have an effect on precision. That’s why it is vital to request follow-up questions pertaining to the final results of any assessments you administer. Question the candidate how they experience about the final results and how exact they consider they are. Question for examples pertaining to candidates’ assessed strengths as they’ve performed out in authentic-lifestyle or on-the-position.

Really don’t put persons in a box. I dislike employing that box cliché, but it is genuine. Lots of assessments cement a man or woman as a person way or one more, failing to take into account how a person trait may tell other attributes. For occasion, my high responsiveness, spontaneity, and logical issue-fixing competencies, coupled with my desire for independence, suggests I operate greatest in environments that are chaotic, active, and give me a range of duties to deal with. But searching at just about every of individuals traits independently, you may not draw that conclusion.

In-man or woman interviews are greatest. It’s considerably much easier to browse someone’s comfort level when you see their entire body language. You can also give them insight into your organization tradition. And according to Karina Loken, president of The Loken Team with Keller Williams Luxury Worldwide in Houston, if a candidate feels your business is a superior match for them, it is usually superior for your group.

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